How to Build a Professional WordPress Website Without Technical Skills

Building a business is hard work. Making a website shouldn't be.

Websites In Hours is a book designed to give you a crash course on setting up a professional WordPress website with minimal effort and technical ability. Within hours, you can set up a personal or professional WordPress website and start publishing content. And that's not all.

By reading this book, you will:

Attract more customers and visitors to your site by setting up a good web host and domain name
Utilize a 5 step flowchart to quickly create any website
Start selling products immediately through an eCommerce platform
Tap into a large audience using social media and customized email addresses
Improve the look and feel of your website by installing themes
Make your website look professional with design tweaks and smart use of colors
Add useful and functional features to your website with WordPress plugins
Build your audience using multiple tools freely available on WordPress

and much more! This book is packed with tips, resources, tricks, and links on creating a professional website. We will guide you through the complicated parts, and make the tricky process of website building easily digestible. By the end of the book, you will have a complete and functional website for your business, eCommerce store, personal blog, or anything else.

We will show you how to tap onto the powerful content management system that is WordPress, and utilise its tools to create a functional and professional website – all within hours. Whatever site you wish to create – it can be done rapidly, and without technical ability.

By looking to buy this book, you have taken the first step to making your website a reality. You can preview the book using Amazon's "look inside", and with Kindle's 7 day refund and return policy, you have nothing to lose.

Hit download now, and start creating websites in hours today!

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