Complete Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up WordPress From Scratch


A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up WordPress From Scratch And Creating Your Own Website Or Blog In 30 Minutes

Many managers or aspiring entrepreneurs are migrating from website development procedures such as hand-coding internet technologies such as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, etc.

WordPress is an alternative, but not necessarily better web development procedure for managers that have very little out-of-pocket capital to pay expert developers to develop in the traditional sense. WordPress is an out-of-the-box straightforward way to jumpstart a business, blog, ecommerce site, or e-magazine with little or no technical knowledge of its internal workings.

WordPress is a software program that hosts a plethora of plugins, themes, and customizations which will be explained in this book to help you jumpstart your website in 30 minutes or less. While there are many philosophies, opinions, and theories about WordPress in contrast to other methods of development, the speculations will not be discussed in this book.

With WordPress, non-technical managers who are just starting out their business will little capital can easily explore, choose, and implement various features without the headaches of micromanaging the proverbial internal gears or expenses of IT or Website administrators. This book is intended to provide no-nonsense approaches that you can use to quickly setup, host, and maintain your website.

The priorities of this book will touch upon issues and features such as::How to start a blog, post content, and the community of WordPress usersComparison between not hosting your own and hosting your own site while explaining the differences between and WordPress.orgWorking with the DashboardUsing Plugins for added versatility and aesthetic pleasures such as the themesRunning multiple sites

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