WordPress for Beginners (w/ Bonus Content!)



* * *BONUS CONTENT INCLUDED * * * (find most of them throughout the book!)

WORDPRESS FOR BEGINNERS is the book you need if you are considering entering the blogging world, but haven’t got a clue where to start. If you want an easy and affordable way to get your thoughts, words, photos, videos, music or your business online, WordPress is the best option. In this book you’ll find out what to do to get started. Even if you have no web background, and don’t know a blog from a toadstool, you’ll find your way to creating a website in no time at all. This book cuts out all the hassle, and tells you exactly what you need to know without taking up more of your precious time than is absolutely necessary.


A Great Start:Learn how to set up your site, create posts and pages, and design a great website. Simple steps, all the basic facts you need.

Stylish & Professional:
Find out how to set up your blog or business portal in a stylish, professional way that will make your friends or your customers think you laid out heaps of cash to design a world class site. It’s easier than you think!

Building Connections:Learn about the WordPress blogosphere, the community, and the many ways to connect with people online. Get your blog SEO ready, and easy to find on search engines.

Step-by-step instructions from start to published
Discover why WordPress is such a fantastic platform for blogging, and more
Customizable themes – making an impression
Create pages, posts and menus
Share your thoughts, photos, videos or music
You will be blogging before you know it
Improving your blog over time
Much, much more!
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Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

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