Get It Done Guide to Install and Use WordPress

So you want a WordPress-powered website?
If you've wanted to build your own website but felt it was beyond your capabilities, think again! And if you want a website but you've been put off by the technobabble that is all too common in computer books, you'’ve arrived at the right place. In less than an hour, this book steps you through setting up a hosting account and your own private domain, and installing WordPress. You’ll find detailed step-by-step directions for setting up WordPress with GoDaddy, the world’s leading name in domain registrations, and you’ll find recommendations for other major web hosting companies. If you've placed yourself into the 'beginner', 'neophyte', 'amateur', or even 'dummies' category… if you've thought "I can't do this…" -think again!
WordPress in An Hour or Less, by best-selling computer book author Ed Jones, will give you what you need to know to put WordPress, the world’s most popular website development tool, to work to your best advantage!

Learn how to get up and running fast with WordPress, and how to do so with a minimal amount of hassle. By the end of the second chapter, and in less than an hour, you’ll be up and running with your own privately-hosted WordPress web site! Best of all, you don’t need prior computer experience, programming knowledge, or web design skills. This book will teach you-

How to register a domain and quickly set up web hosting
How you can install WordPress with just a few simple steps
How you can tune in to the primary needs of your site’s visitors, even though you aren't a web designer
How you can add posts and pages with attention-getting content
How you can use the power of WordPress themes to give your site a look all its own
How you can use WordPress plugins to greatly expand the functionality of your website

Both WordPress in An Hour or Less and its more advanced companion text WordPress from Start to Finish come from the pen of Edward Jones, the principal technology writer behind the "Get-it-Done" series of computer books. Jones has been designing web sites for a variety of clients since the early days of the World Wide Web. He has also been a big fan of WordPress since shortly after its inception nearly 10 years ago, and he has used WordPress to design and provide dozens of web sites for a number of clients. Along the way, Jones has learned the ins and outs of WordPress, and he shares those with you in this book. WordPress truly makes it possible to do it on your own– one of the best ways to think of it is as a supercharged word processor for publishing web content. So, put this book under your belt, so to speak, get started, and let WordPress in An Hour or Less get you online fast, with your own website.

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