15 Easy Steps to Create Your Own Website Using WordPress

Everybody wants to have a website these days. Whether it is simply to put your life accomplishments in a singular place to allow others to get to know you, to set up some micro-sales to build secondary income sources, or to fully promote your own business, online or otherwise, a Web presence is needed by just about everyone.

If you want to learn the basics of using one of the internet’s best web building tools, WordPress, this is the book for you. If you want a working vocabulary for understanding your web guy when he does your web updates, this book is for you too. If you are just looking to expand what you already know about the power of WordPress, this guide has you covered.

How to Build a Website Get Visitors and Make Money

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In this incredibly in-depth guide to WordPress, Matt Wolfe (of TheWPClassroom.com fame) gives an amazing amount of detail on pretty much everything you need to know to get started with WordPress. From all of the basics of getting a site online to advanced strategies of traffic generation and monetization.

How to Secure Your Website Against Hackers -WordPress Security 101

WordPress is great for managing your website. It's easy to use and very powerful… And often targeted by hackers.

Preventing hackers to succeed at their attempts? This security guide will show you just how to batter down the hatches of your WordPress website. You'll learn how to counter Brute Forcing attacks, HTTP trace attacks, script injections, XML-RPC attacks and so much more.

WordPress Visual QuickStart Guide (3rd Edition)

WordPress: Visual QuickStart Guide, 3E uses a visual approach to teach the essential elements of WordPress, one of the world's most popular publishing platforms. This book gives readers the tools they need to create beautiful, functional WordPress-powered sites with minimal hassle. Using plenty of screenshots and a clear, organized format, authors Jessica Neuman Beck and Matt Beck walk new users through the installation and setup process while providing valuable tips and tricks for more experienced users. With no other resource but this guide, readers can set up a fully-functional and well-designed WordPress site that takes advantage of all the features WordPress has to offer.

This new, fully updated version covers all the key new and improved features of WordPress, including: using the Theme Customizer; adding custom headers and backgrounds; adding content in new ways such as posting from your desktop or mobile device, as well as importing from another WordPress blog or other blogging services; and new ways to work with media, such as editing images, using video and audio, and creating image galleries. There is also a completely new chapter on menus, which covers menu setup and adding and editing menus.