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WordPress Web Application Development

Everyone it seems loves WordPress and this is your opportunity to take your existing design and development skills to the next stage. Learn in easy stages how to speedily build leading-edge web applications from scratch.
Overview Develop powerful web applications rapidly with WordPress Practical scenario-based approach with ready-to-test source code Learning how to plan complex web applications from scratch
In Detail
Developing WordPress-powered websites is one of the standout trends in the modern web development world. The flexibility and power of the built-in features offered by WordPress has made developers turn their attentions to the possibility of using it as a web development framework. This book will act as a comprehensive resource for building web applications with this amazing framework.
"WordPress Web Application Development" is a comprehensive guide focused on incorporating the existing features of WordPress into typical web development. This book is structured towards building a complete web application from scratch. With this book, you will build an application with a modularized structure supported by the latest trending technologies.
"Wordpress Web Application Development" provides a comprehensive, practical, and example-based approach for pushing the limits of WordPress for web applications beyond your imagination.
This book begins by exploring the role of existing WordPress components and discussing the reasons for choosing WordPress for web application development. As we proceed, more focus will be put into adapting WordPress features into web applications with the help of an informal use-case-based model for discussing the most prominent built-in features. While striving for web development with WordPress, you will also learn about the integration of popular client-side technologies such as Backbone, Underscore, and jQuery, and server-side technologies and techniques such as template engines, RSS feeds, Open Auth integration, and more.
After reading this book, you will possess the ability to develop powerful web applications rapidly within limited time frames with the crucial advantage of benefitting low-budget and time-critical projects.
What you will learn from this book Adapt existing WordPress features and functions into web applications Develop extendable plugins with cutting-edge codes Build and customizing themes beyond conventional web layouts Integrate the latest trending web development technologies into WordPress Use third-party plugins and libraries to simplify application development Master tips and tricks using existing WordPress features
An extensive, practical guide that explains how to adapt WordPress features, both conventional and trending, for web applications.
Who this book is written for
This book is intended for WordPress developers and designers who have the desire to go beyond conventional website development to develop quality web applications within a limited time frame and for maximum profit. Experienced web developers who are looking for a framework for rapid application development will also find this to be a useful resource. Prior knowledge with of WordPress is preferable as the main focus will be on explaining methods for adapting WordPress techniques for web application development rather than explaining basic skills with WordPress.

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If you want to learn the basics of using one of the internet’s best web building tools, WordPress, this is the book for you. If you want a working vocabulary for understanding your web guy when he does your web updates, this book is for you too. If you are just looking to expand what you already know about the power of WordPress, this guide has you covered.

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In this incredibly in-depth guide to WordPress, Matt Wolfe (of fame) gives an amazing amount of detail on pretty much everything you need to know to get started with WordPress. From all of the basics of getting a site online to advanced strategies of traffic generation and monetization.

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This "WordPress" book contains proven steps and strategies on how to establish a blog or professional website using WordPress, how to make money online using WordPress, how to make your WordPress website popular by using SEO, synching your WordPress to your social media accounts, tips on how to avoid beginner mistakes, how to choose the right WordPress theme for your website, and many more.