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WordPress to Go: How to Build a WordPress Website on Your Own Domain, From Scratch, Even If You Are a Complete Beginner

Majority of the people are now engaging in the online world, wherein everything that a person need can be easily acquired with just a few clicks. The digital world definite opens numerous gates for numerous people. Businesspersons now have the capacity to sell their product or services to their target customers anywhere around the globe. This also gives a chance to other people to create their own websites and compete with other people or business, regardless if it is a small or large size company. The evolution of digitalization attracted all the people, even those who have no background in making a website. In today’s generation, it does not require any more to learn the basic of the HTML and other complex languages needed in programming and creating a website. With the help of WordPress, even those who are a novice in the digital world can create their own website and appears to be a professional in the field. WordPress pertain to the open-source and free content management system or CMS that is derived from MySQL and PHP. The feature involves an architecture plugin and a system template. WordPress is being utilized by over 23.3 percent of the outstanding 10 million websites. It is the also the most renowned blogging system in usage on the Web at almost 60 million active websites. In this lesson, several teachings will be provided to help those who like to engage in the strong and growing online competition and the primary tool that they must have is a website. Here are the lessons on how to build a WordPress website on your own domain, from scratch, even if you are a complete beginner.

WordPress Web Hosting: How To Use cPanel and Your Hosting Control Center (Read2L

"Best WordPress Hosting Guide"

Discover How to Easily Use cPanel and Your Hosting Control Center with Our Simple Step-By-Step Guide!
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How To Create a Website Using WordPress

Building A Website With WordPress Has Never Been This Easy

Learn how to set up a website that meets your exact needs in 3 EASY STEPS….one that the "professionals" would have charged you thousands of dollars for!

WordPress For Beginners: How To Use WordPress

True Story: 95% of Successful Small Business Owners Use WordPress Because It Is Inexpensive And Gives The User Complete Control. So you may be asking, how do I get started with WordPress? How do I develop a successful site that gets visitors? And let me tell you, these are just a few of the questions will be answered throughout this book. You will be given step-by-step instructions for how to set up and use word press so that it is highly effective for you and your business. Here's where you will learn: – Simple Steps To Get A Domain Name So That You Can Get Started With WordPress – How To Easily Set Up Your Hosting Account – How To Install WordPress In Less Than 10 Minutes – How To Quickly Get Started With Your New WordPress Website – The Powerful Difference Between "Pages" and "Posts" (and Which One You Should Use More Often) – When To Use Categories vs Tags (and Why Both Are Extremely Important) – Understand How Plugins Will Work to Your Advantage (And The Best Ones To Use) – How To Easily Add Substance To Websites With Themes So That Visitors Will Keep Coming Back – How To Create and Manage Menus So That WordPress Can Be Even Easier To Use – How to Powerfully Use Search Engine Optimization, so that You Can Get Thousands of Visitors to Your Site – How to Understand User Comments – policies and settings – What NOT to do, so that you can Prevent WordPress Errors – And More (Take a look inside for a sneak preview) Once you read this, you will notice how easy it is to understand and comprehend all the elements of WordPress so that you can create an AMAZING website, and save thousands of dollars from not having to hire a website designer.